Sunday, March 27, 2005



I don't kid myself about TV crossovers. I know that at heart their existence can't be attributed to business decisions, not some fantastical vision of a greater TV Universe. Crossovers are made to boost the ratings of at least one of the participants.

In the case of this week's crossover, it was the older show hoping to ride the coat-tails of the newer, more popular series.

And it was a mix of genres, a sitcom linked to a "reality" show. It's been done before: 'Yes, Dear'/'Big Brother', 'Hope & Faith'/'Wife Swap', and 'Good Morning, Miami'/'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'.

Now, 'Less Than Perfect' has hosted three of the Do-Overlords from 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'.
Claude Casey won a charity raffle grand prize of a free apartment makeover by Tracy Hutson, Michael Moloney and Paul DiMeo (guest starring as themselves). They were hindered more than helped by Claude's friend Owen Kronsky.

The apartment makeover came to represent Claude's concerns that she was losing the qualities in her personality (like innocence and optimism) that kept her from becoming yet another hardened, cynical New Yorker. If the show needed an episode to bow out with as a finale, this could have been the one.

And it may be that this crossover wasn't going to be enough to save the series for another season. Entertainment Weekly has done some sitcom scrying and they think the chances for 'Less Than Perfect' to survive in Toobworld are, well, you know......

I like Sara Rue, but I couldn't make the commitment to this show; too many others on the show are unlikable for me, but it also had very strong competition for my taping time. However, I've heard she's already looking around for a new series, so I'm hoping I'll be able to give that next project more of my attention.

As for 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'? Ugh, no thanks. Not my cuppa. I never would have been so intrigued by the other half of the crossover equation to check out their show. (Not that they needed my eyeballs glued to the tube - it's one of ABC's hottest shows.)

But in this case, it's more than just my general dislike for these so-called "reality" shows. In my Real World life, I had to deal with several of the people connected to the show. And one in particular, one of the three who appeared in this crossover, was a real jerk. The experience left me unable to separate it from the fantasy of Toobworld and so it made the crossover less than perfect for me.

Come on! You know I couldn't resist a second time from using the phrase! I'm only human!



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