Thursday, March 31, 2005


On the most recent episode of 'House', Dr. Foreman revealed that as a kid, he was known as "Rerun", from the TV show.

We're supposed to be able to make the connection that he was referring to Fred Berry's portrayal of the character on 'What's Happenin'?'

But since the show wasn't mentioned, and we want to avoid poking yet another hole in the integrity of the TV Universe, I suggest we just assume there was another TV show in which there was a character named "Rerun".

There's always the cartoons based on the comic strip "Peanuts". Rerun was the younger brother to Lucy and Linus.....
As revealed in this past episode of 'Blind Justice', Detective Jim Dunbar's former partner was working out of the 77th Precinct. In the Real World, that precinct gained some notoriety a few years back for illegal activities. Most of the officers at that time were reassigned or forced out in disgrace.
There's always the chance we may one day meet the parents of private investigator Harlan Judd on the new ABC series 'Eyes'. So I won't go too far out on a limb of that family tree with the suggestion that perhaps Harlan Judd is a nephew to Texas defense attorney Clinton Judd, once seen in his own show 'Judd For The Defense'. (As well as in a crossover with 'Felony Squad'.)

I'm not sure if it was teen queen Mallory or Schuyler, (Quite frankly, I couldn't tell them apart.), but one of them appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and all he wanted to talk about was her ass.
('Jake In Progress')

Also on the same series, Jake Phillips hired Neil Sedaka to serenade the girl he was trying to win back, although it was Jon Secada that she was really into. The ploy still worked, however, and all Sedaka wanted in return was one last Rolling Stone cover.

Two new TV series grace the airwaves and can be seen on any TV set provided you live in the TV Universe:
'Forensic Team International' which starred Ryan Henderson until he rashly quit to make movies just as
'Forensic Team Underwater' was about to hit the air and make the first series even more popular.
('Jake In Progress')


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