Tuesday, December 20, 2016


My life has been in KAOS since late September, and a big part of that was not having access to my own cable system.  And so I didn't know that 'The Librarians' had returned in November.  So on this snowy weekend before the holidays, I'm catching up on the first three episodes of the third season.  As this show is rife with mythic references as well as pop culture ones, each episode is good for a few lines of dialogue that could use a bit o' splainin.

So expect a few Inner Toob posts about 'The Librarians' filling up the blog over the next week or so.  

Annnnnd....  here's the first!

"I told you my Spidey Sense was tingling, but did you listen?"
Colonel Eve Baird
'The Librarians'

Spiderman AKA Peter Parker is a Multiversal whose existence in Earth Prime-Time was most active in the mid-1970s.  But for his televersion, the origin story is a bit different.  He was bitten by a radioactive spider when he was about thirteen years old.  He was visited in the hospital by his favorite comic book writer, the fictional televersion of TVXOHOF member of the League of Themselves, Stan Lee.  Inspired by his story and in hopes he could rally the boy's spirits as he coped with fighting off the infection of the spider bite, Lee created a comic book about Parker's fictional self becoming "Spiderman".  (We saw that comic book in an episode of 'Naked City'.

Once he completed maturation (in other words, "hit puberty"), Parker's raging hormones triggered the activation of his spider-like powers.  And from there, his televersion pretty much mirrored the life of the original comic book Web-Slinger.  So technically, the life of Peter Parker's televersion inspired the comic book Spiderman which then inspired Parker to become a superhero.

Confused?  You won't be after you've seen this episode of 'So-#'.  I mean, once you click here.

We haven't seen the Earth Prime-Time version of Spiderman since the mid-1970s when the TV show starring Nicholas Hammond went off the air.  I have no clue as to whether Peter Parker is still alive in Toobworld or if he was killed by one of his arch-foes.  Nevertheless, I think it's safe to assume that most of the other TV characters not only know about the comic book but also the actual super-hero.  

So that reference by Colonel Baird quoted above is not a Zonk.  We're covered either way.  If she did get that info about Parker's "Spidey-Sense" from the actual man, perhaps Baird was privy to secret government information. (Culled from the X-Files, perhaps?)  Or maybe she just reads the comic books......


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