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Here it is, the last post about 'The Librarians' for the week......


Nothing was really jumping out at me about this episode which I felt could be linked to some other TV series.  At best it was reminding me of Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes".  

But then I found this in the IMDb:

There's a scene where Jenkins is listing the historical magical artifacts that can transmute matter, and he mentions the scepter of Korob. This is a reference to the "Catspaw" episode (S2 E7) of 'Star Trek', where aliens Korob and Sylvia use a transmuter in the form of a scepter to capture and hold members of the crew.

Colonel Eve Baird:
An artifact that can turn a run-of-the-mill children's magician 
into someone who can transform matter, control minds

They're here: The Scepter of Korob, the Fontainebleau Diadem. 
They're here, stored in the Library.

That the Library has the Scepter of Korob in its inventory is a pretty neat trick, considering Korob had it in his possession nearly four hundred years later in that "Catspaw" episode of 'Star Trek'.

Without the power of the scepter's transmuter, Korob and Sylvia died in their true forms - as Ornithoids from another galaxy.  (They had been sent by the Old Ones as explorers to this galaxy.)

But it was the destruction of the scepter which caused their deaths, because they lost access to its power as a transmuter.  Just being separated from it would not have hampered them.

I think Korob was the only one of these two Ornithoids who visited Earth, whenever it was in the Past that he lost the scepter.  Had Sylvia come along, she would have been overwhelmed by the exhilaration of sensations from all the humans around her.  (This is why I also think Korob did not bring her along when he finally retrieved the scepter from the Library.)

Why wasn't Korob as affected by sensations and emotions like Sylvia was?  Perhaps he was... in the beginning.  But long exposure to humans eventually built up his immunity.  Perhaps....

Because of Korob's general appearance, I think he may have visited Earth during the Pharaonic Period of ancient Egypt (32nd Century BC to 332 BC).  And it would have been during that time when he lost the scepter to a Librarian, perhaps even to Judson himself.

Korob's retrieval of the scepter will more than likely be an untelevised adventure of 'The Librarians'.  But he will have it back long before his encounter with the crew of the Enterprise.  I think Korob remained on Earth for centuries, until he finally had retrieved the scepter.  So even though it was out of his possession, he could still draw upon its power.  Therefore - as long as they didn't die - any TV character played by Theo Marcuse, no matter the time period, could have been Korob in disguise, amusing himself with diversionary pursuits until he could take back his scepter.

It wouldn't be until after he had the scepter back in his possession that the Old Ones finally assigned Sylvia to work with him.  By that point he had gone to the planet Pyris VII.

I don't think Korob and Sylvia were the only Ornithoids who were in the employ of the Old Ones.  Their entire species could have been subjugated to the will of the Old Ones to serve out various functions.  (Look how many "Shadows" served the Old Ones in 'Babylon 5'.)  

Many of the Ornithoids could have been sent to infiltrate human society on Earth Prime-Time.  In this way, since they were masters of shape-shifting, we can suggest that any actor who appeared more than once in a TV series in a multitude of roles (I'm thinking Vito Scotti in 'Columbo'.) could have been several Ornithoids, all adopting the same guise.  The same could be the splainin for the occasional evil twin in a series.

And then there's this - My brother Crossoverist, Matt Hickman, had an extra idea about the Scepter of Korob.

"Ornithoids answer to the Old ones so it seems very likely the scepter of Korob could be listed in the Necronomicon."

And that provides a nice way to connect 'The Librarians' to 'Limitless' at the very least......


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