Monday, December 19, 2016


Although I don't use appearances in televised news reports as qualifications for membership in the Television Crossover Hall of Fame, I would add them for flavor later once the League of Themselves member was inducted.

I don't think this guy has a chance of membership, but I was particularly happy to see him on the Toob and wanted to share it with you, Team Toobworld.

This is from the 11 O'Clock news on WCBS Thursday night.  Unfortunately, he disabled the embedding capability at YouTube, but if you want to see him in action (and he is quite animated), then click here.

I've always thought this guy was a natural for the screen and he always reminded me of Jon Polito characters.  If he ever shows up on the news again, I hope I'll get the chance to share it here as I've done in the past with the TV appearances of other friends.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.  He's a friend of mine.  His name is Stephan DeFazio.

And... did I mention that he's my boss?


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