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The actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has died, aged 99, according [to] her publicist quoted in US media reports.

Born in Hungary, she emigrated to the United States during World War Two and made her Hollywood debut in 1952.

She appeared in more than 70 films, but was more famous for her celebrity lifestyle.

She was married nine times - taking her first husband at the age of 20 and wedding for the last time when she was nearly 70.

Choking back sobs, her husband Frederic von Anhalt told the AFP news agency that Gabor had passed away at home, surrounded by her friends and family.

"Everybody was there. She didn't die alone," he said.

(BBC News)

In much the same way as Bob Hope, Milton Berle, and Jack Benny, Zsa Zsa Gabor was probably best known in Toobworld for playing herself.  She contributed many other citizens to the Tele-Folks Directory, but a lot of those were just variations on her true self: Sonya Lamor ('The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'), Babette Croquette ('City'), Countess Calvet ('The Facts Of Life'), Lisa Lazlo ('Make Room For Daddy'), and Zizi ('Matt Houston').  And three of her roles in a trio of TV Westerns will be conflated into one character and will one day find herself in the TVXOHOF.

Personally, my favorite role of hers was Commissar Ilsa Buda in my second favorite episode of 'Burke's Law'.  

One interesting thing about the collection of her appearances as herself in Toobworld is the wide variety of the shows and plot lines she found herself in.  From a biographical to sharing a bed with Kevin Sorbo to dealing with a talking horse (of course, of course!), Zsa Zsa could possibly the most interesting prime-time life since Dick Van Patten was inducted.  

So here are the appearances of the fictional Zsa Zsa which qualified her for entry into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame:

The Louella Parsons Story (1956)

Teresa Wright played the title role, but just about everybody else in the cast was playing themselves, Zsa Zsa included.

'The Bob Cummings Show' 
Grandpa Meets Zsa Zsa (1956) 

Bob Cummings played the role of Grandpa as well.

'Playhouse 90'
The Thundering Wave 
Middle-aged actress Victoria Maxwell comes to terms with her destructive lifestyle as she struggles with the lead role in a Broadway-bound play. Matters are complicated by the fact that she is co-starring opposite her estranged husband, Allen Grant, whom she never stopped loving. As the drama begins, Sydney Lowe, a Broadway director, is eager to hire Victoria Maxwell to star in his production of "Thundering Wave," written by his friend Lew Downs, an accomplished writer. Maxwell agrees to take the part, but insists that Sydney hire Grant to play opposite her. Sydney is thrilled with the suggestion since he was hoping to cast Grant, anyway. Grant, however, is not eager to take the part. He finally accepts it, however, in order to give his daughter Louise, who is practically engaged, some freedom from her overbearing mother. On the train ride to Boston where the show will premiere, Maxwell starts to get cold feet and angers Sydney when she pretends to be ill. Grant goes to her compartment to comfort her, but winds up telling her to grow up and stop depending on him for support. On opening night, things get progressively worse when Sydney's wife, Marcia, arrives in Boston to tell him she wants a divorce. After fifteen years of marriage, she has learned of his frequent indiscretions with other women. Upset by Marcia's request for a divorce, Sydney gets drunk, and then, needing to lash out at someone, tells Maxwell that she is doing a rotten job. Needless to say, opening night does not go well, and the notices in the newspapers reflect the disaster. However, when the show reaches New York, things change dramatically both on-stage and off. (The Paley Center for Media)

'December Bride'
The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show (1958) 
Zsa Zsa Gabor is the guest speaker on accident prevention.

'Mister Ed'
Zsa Zsa
There's a noisy new neighbor in the 'hood, and her name is Zsa Zsa.  (The title refers to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor who is more famous for her many marriages than her extensive acting resume.)

'Fractured Flickers'
Episode #1.26

Scenes from "Nose for News," with Joe Cook; "Jolly Jilter" (Ben Turpin); "Know Thy Fellow Man"; "The Right Bed," starring Edward Everett Horton; and "Battling Orioles." Zsa Zsa Gabor is interviewed by Hans Conried, the host of the series.

'The Joey Bishop Show'
Zsa Zsa Redecorates
Zsa Zsa volunteers to decorate baby Joey's nursery and his parents gratefully accept. But it's done in a masculine jungle theme which Ellie hates but feels it would be rude to say so.

'My Three Sons'
Ernie and Zsa Zsa 

Ernie meets Zsa Zsa Gabor after accidentally falling into her swimming pool. She befriends Ernie, who introduces her to the rest of the Douglas clan.

'Bracken's World'
King David (1969) 
An aging actress, while making a "comeback" at Century Studios, uses the job to get some retribution against the former Studio Head, who is Sylvia's father.

Many Hollywood stars played themselves in this series about the behind the scenes drama at a movie studio.  it was Zsa Zsa's turn that particular week.

'The Dean Martin Show'
Celebrity Roast: Zsa Zsa Gabor

'Knots Landing'
Karen goes through the KLMotors books and finds checks to West Century Auto, Frank and Roy's company. Karen invests money in Richard's restaurant, because Laura is concerned that Richard is spending too much money. Karen is being followed. Kenny's boss won't let him make a demo with Ciji, so Kenny and Gary decide to make a demo with her on their own. Val's publicist, Bess Riker sends a messenger, Chip Roberts to drop off photos at Val's. He charms Val and Lilimae, and tells him he's a publicist. Back at the office, Bess tells Chip that if he thinks he's so hot he can be Val's publicist. Val appears on The Mike Douglas Show.

Zsa Zsa probably was seen in the taping of 'The Mike Douglas Show', along with Billy Curtis as another guest - both playing themselves.

'The Dame Edna Experience'
Episode #1.4

Zsa Zsa was a guest, along with Nana Maskouri and Germaine Greer.

'It's Garry Shandling's Show'
It's Garry and Angelica's Show: Part 1 (1987)

"California Girls"
(TV Movie)
A New Jersey auto mechanic travels to California to find the girl of his dreams and woos a bikini fashion model while the time quarreling with her high-powered manager and avoiding his New Jersey girlfriend who comes looking for him.

'Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouse' (TV Movie) 
Princess Zsa Zsa

This is not a Zonk, that she was called "Princess Zsa Zsa".  It's not a new character, but the title she assumed after marrying Prince von Anhalt.

'Empty Nest'
Mrs. Clinton Comes to Town
When Mrs. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to tour the clinic Carol is determined to get a meeting with her. But her trouble only lands her in jail along with Laverne and Charley.

The Last Temptation of Cybill (1995) 
Every female around has eyes for Cybill's hunky new costar Rick, but he only has eyes for Cybill. Meanwhile, Jeff discovers Rachel's left her husband.

Rick ended up doing the scene with Zsa Zsa instead of Cybill.


The Munsters Today

When Lily asked Herman who he thought would give them good advice about their marriage, Herman chose a true expert on being married - Zsa Zsa. And Lily just happened to have her there.

Unless I steal away with a movie to make it part of the TV Universe, I don't bother with the Cineverse.  But Zsa Zsa certainly made her mark as herself there as well.....
  • "A Very Brady Sequel"
  • "The Beverly Hillbillies" 
  • "The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear" 
  • "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" 
  • "Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood" 
  • "Jack of Diamonds" 
  • "Pepe" 
  • "Lovely to Look At" 
Right now as it stands, there will be 35 inductions into the Hall of Fame in 2016; that's a record I believe, outside of the weekly inductions to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Hall.  I can only hope Zsa Zsa will be the last memorial induction into the Hall of Fame for this year.  

Good night and may God bless, Dahlingk......

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