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"Jack The Ripper"

Ann Castle

From Wikipedia:
On 18 May 1848, Dr. Gull married Susan Ann Lacy, daughter of Colonel J. Dacre Lacy, of Carlisle. Shortly afterwards he left his rooms at Guy’s and moved to 8 Finsbury Square.

They had three children. Caroline Cameron Gull was born in 1851 at Guy’s Hospital and died in 1929; she married Theodore Dyke Acland MD (Oxon.) FRCP, the son of Sir Henry Acland, 1st Baronet MD FRS. They had two children, a daughter (Aimee Sarah Agnes Dyke Acland) who died in infancy in 1889, and a son, Theodore Acland (1890–1960), who became headmaster of Norwich School.

Cameron Gull was born about 1858 in Buckhold, Pangbourne, Berkshire and died in infancy.

William Cameron Gull was born on 6 Jan 1860 in Finsbury, Middlesex and died in 1922. He was educated at Eton College, inherited his father’s title as 2nd Baronet of Brook Street, and later served as the Liberal Unionist Member of Parliament for Barnstaple from July 1895 to September 1900.

Sir William Gull's will, with a codicil, was dated 27 November 1888. The value of the estate was £344,022 19s. 7d - an enormous sum at that time.

The following persons were appointed as executors: his wife, Dame Susan Anne Gull, his son, Sir William Cameron Gull, of Gloucester Street, Portman Square (the new baronet), Mr. Edmund Hobhouse, and Mr. Walter Barry Lindley.

Under the terms of the will, £500 was bequeathed to each of the acting executors. A jewelled snuffbox presented to Sir William Gull by the Empress Eug√©nie, widow of Emperor Napoleon III of France became an entailed heirloom, along with his presentation plate.

Lady Gull was bequeathed the remainder of his plate, his pictures, furniture, and household effects and the sum of £3,000, along with the use for the remainder of her life of the house at 74 Brook Street. She also received a life annuity of £3,000, commencing 12 months after Sir William's death.

From Comic Vine:
Susan Ann Lacy was born c. 1820, the daughter of Colonel J. Dacre Lacy. She married Dr William Gull on May 18th, 1848. Together they moved to 8 Finsbury Square. They had three children together, two of whom survived to adulthood. Their first child, Caroline Cameron Gull, was born in 1851. The second, Cameron Gull, was born in 1858, and died in infancy. The third, William Cameron Gull, was born in 1860. When her husband was given the title of 1st Baronet of Brook Street in 1872, she was given the title of Dame.

When her husband died in 1890 she was bequeathed a great deal of money, as well as the house that they had shared. She died four years later in 1894. She was 74 years of age.


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