Friday, September 17, 2010


Those of you who understand the Toobworld concept knows that we had to invoke 'Sliders' and put the instant classic 'The West Wing' into its own TV dimension because the President of the United States - the central character of the series! - differed from the one established in Earth Prime-Time. Toobworld has to have the same POTUS as the real world; too many shows will end up referencing the current holder of the office. (This week's season-ending episode of 'The Closer' is a good example with their mention of Obama.)

But 'The West Wing' doesn't have to reside in its TV dimension all by its lonesome. Here's a Super Six list of shows that would fit in nicely with the administration of Matt Santos (whom I assume is still the Commander in Chief of that world....)


Although it never came up in the show, and could have benefitted from a crossover, this series was meant to be considered as being part of the 'West Wing' world.


Why shouldn't a world with Jed Bartlet also have Clark Kent as well? But if Superman did exist in the 'West Wing' world, couldn't he have saved that ship that was lost at sea during a hurricane? This is why 'Smallville' is the TV version of the Superman mythos that best suits 'The West Wing'. Clark Kent was still learning about his Kryptonian powers and had not asssumed the identity of the Man of Steel while Bartlet was in office.


Their New York City has a black mayor named Bill. Thanks to 'Law & Order', '30 Rock', and a Muppets Christmas special, real world NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg also holds that post in the main Toobworld. 'Castle' might even be bumped from the world of 'The West Wing' if they end up mentioning Obama as the President.


It doesn't matter that the remake of the sci-fi original was considered the better series. The first 'Battlestar Galactica' made more connections with other series in the Great Link - with 'McCloud', 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman', and with its own spin-off, 'Galactica 1980'. As the reboot landed on Earth in the prehistoric past, it doesn't interfere with the history played out during Bartlet's term.


I once harbored hopes that both versions of 'Human Target' could exist in the main Toobworld. But that was before they introduced a different Queen Elizabeth of England - with a daughter who was the Princess of Wales and next in line for the throne.

But that would work perfectly for 'The West Wing' dimension. Lionel Tribbey mentioned that he had met with that world's Queen Elizabeth and at the time it was probably just assumed that he was talking about the same woman who sits on the throne in the real world and the main Toobworld. But now we can assume that he was referring to the woman seen in an episode of this series....


Just as 'The West Wing' dimension should have its own Superman, so too should it have its own versions of Agatha Christie's most famous sleuths. Joan Hickson will be the official Jane Marple of the main Toobworld, but Geraldine McEwan, her successor, would fit in nicely with the quality of the 'West Wing' world. (No need to wonder just yet as to where Julia McKenzie's version might end up.)

As for the Belgian detective, there can be no other than David Suchet's portrayal to exercise his little grey cells in Toobworld. But Peter Ustinov portrayed Poirot in at least one TV movie - and he could bring along those big screen outings from the Cineverse. After all, the movie universe already has Albert Finney's version (and Tony Randall's to boot!)

What shows would you suggest for the world of 'The West Wing'?



Brent McKee said...

I hate to rain on your parade (well actually...) but you are going to have to remove Human Target from the list. Setting aside the fact that a female heir to the throne doesn't assume the title of "Princess of Wales" (the Welsh title is males only; Queen Elizabeth II was never Princess of Wales), there is a mention of "Andrew Edward" attending Ellie Bartlet's wedding (in the episode "Undecideds"). Will Bailey wonders why he's in the H's and then realizes that this is "His Royal Highness, the Duke of York. Will adds, "At least he's not bringing the Queen...Oh, maybe he is bringing the Queen." Now as every good Canadian knows, the succession to the throne follows the male line (or it did until a few years ago, now it's by ranking of age regardless of gender) and the existence of a Duke of York (traditionally the title for the second son of the reigning monarch) indicates the existence of a Prince of Wales.

Toby O'B said...

I knew about the Princess of Wales situation - looked that up right after the episode aired. But I didn't remember that about Andrew Edward. Good catch!

Might still be one of those in that Royal Family over there in the other dimension of course. Doesn't have to be the same guy, just the same name.....

It's like this new show 'Outlaw'. They had a President George W. Bush, but that was an entirely different Supreme Court. some thing could be the same, others different.....

I'll leave it for now, till I do some research and see if I have wiggle room.

Thanks for checking in, Brent. Always great to hear from you!