Monday, September 13, 2010


I really hope there's nobody out there looking to me to help influence their viewing choices this Fall. That's more responsibility than I'm willing to bear.

I'm a tele-gourmand; I'll watch just about anything at this stage in my life (except "reality" shows!) - as long as it has bearing on Toobworld. I would watch 'My Mother The Car' before I'd watch '24' - that historically reviled sitcom might offer up some tidbit about reincarnation; whereas '24' had to take place in an alternate dimension and thus has no impact on the main Toobworld.

Anyhoo, I'm just going to go day by day and list the TV shows I'll be watching this year. This list is based on the daily skeds from Entertainment Weekly, which only covered the major networks. If any of my favorite cable shows come back, they may trump these choices.

Since I work an overnight shift, I'm asleep or in transit during prime time, except for Wednesdays and Thursdays, my sucky days off. (Retire already, Jipa! You're over 70 years old for Pete and Pete's sake!) So I only have two options for recording on my DVR with every block of time. And yet Thursday night was the only real conflict I'll have in my choices. (In that 8 PM hour, 'Bones' will have to be kicked to the curb - unless that proposed crossover with 'Lie To Me' materializes.)

So here we go:

'The Simpsons'

'Brothers & Sisters'

'Masterpiece' -
depending on what's offered. 'Sherlock' should be coming up soon in the "Mystery" block

'Boardwalk Empire' - Actually I'm only assuming it will air on Sundays (I'm too lazy to check.), but most of HBO's premiere series are showcased on Sunday nights.

'Bored To Death' - ditto

'How I Met Your Mother'

'Two And A Half Men'



'Hawaii Five-O' - I'll watch the series premiere, just because I've heard how Scott Caan steals the show from Alex O'Loughlin. But otherwise, it's a remake, not a continuation and so has to be relegated to a different TV dimension.

'The Event' - I'll check it out at least. Because of Blair Underwood as the President, it will also have to be relegated to another dimension.

'No Ordinary Family' - I've already seen the pilot episode and although I enjoyed it (and am a big Autumn Reeser fan!), this could be easily skipped if necessary. But Tuesday's a pretty light schedule for me, so I'll probably catch it each week.

'Running Wilde' - We'll see. If anything, I'm hoping I can work up a theoretical connection between this and 'The Persuaders'!

'Detroit 1-8-7' -
I'll check out the premiere episode, but I don't need another procedural in my life.

Good thing I'm off this night - it looks to be my busiest night of TV, just like in days past when 'Lost' and 'The West Wing' were on Wednesdays.....

'Modern Family'

'Cougar Town'

'Lie To Me'

'Undercovers' - I trust the Abrams imprimatur and I've been a big fan of Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

'The Defenders' - I'll watch the first episode, but it's not something I'll need to see every week.

'The Whole Truth' -
ditto. Like 'The Good Wife', courtroom dramas aren't required viewing for Toobworld anymore. Although I would have watched 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' with David Tennant, if only it had been picked up.

'Law & Order: Los Angeles' - I'll check it out, but I wish the original was still around. I liked that team of Lupo and Bernard in the series' last years.....

'The Big Bang Theory'

'S#*! My Dad Says' - what the hell, why not?

'30 Rock'


'Fringe' - MUST viewing this season, I'm thinking!

'The Mentalist'

'Human Target' - Because of that episode last season in which Chase rescued the Princess of Wales, this will have to be set in an alternate TV dimension. But like 'The West Wing', it still proved to be enjoyable enough for me to put aside my Toobworld priorities. (And I'll bet that's the last time 'Human Target' is ever compared to 'The West Wing'!)

And of course, Saturday - once the home of 'All In The Family', 'Newhart', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and 'The Carol Burnett Show' - is the elephants' graveyard for first run network programming.

What are you looking forward to seeing?


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Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

I would watch 'My Mother The Car' before I'd watch '24'

Louie...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...