Saturday, August 1, 2009


HBO has "staked" out a piece of that "promoverse" mentioned yesterday. In their promotional blipverts, characters from various HBO TV series interacted with each other. But unlike the situation with USA Network, these were already established shots digitally blended together.

In this new spot, TV characters are phasing into the homes of "real-life" people of Toobworld:

Am I the only one who thinks of 'Hi Honey, I'm Home'? In that early 90's sitcom, the Nielsen family joined the Sitcom Relocation program and were brought out of their TV universe to live in the "real" world. (Since we were watching it on TV, they ended up in Toobworld. We're the ones living in the Trueniverse.)

Among the other TV characters who came to visit them were Alice Kramden, Trixie Norton, Mr. Mooney, and Alice Nelson. This HBO promo seems to be working along the same principle..... BCnU!

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