Monday, July 27, 2009


Near the end of the latest episode of 'In Plain Sight', Mary Shannon noted that it was time that she "get back to the days of our lives".

Normally, for the audience at home, they should have heard that quote in their heads with "Days Of Our Lives" capitalized so that they could identify it as the NBC soap opera. (Both shows are under the aegis of NBC's parent company.)

But this is Toobworld; we do things differently.

To keep 'Days Of Our Lives' and 'In Plain Sight' in the same dimension, we have to "hear" Mary's line as a reference to the day in/day out routine of the WitSec job that she and her partner Marshall have to do.

And hopefully that keeps the DOOL Zonks at bay. That show does seem to gather them!


And this serves as a little birthday salute to my cousin's wife Denise - a 'DOOL' fan whose birthday is today!

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