Wednesday, January 28, 2009


January's the slow month in my business, so to pass the time of night, I put together a little list of TV crossovers that I'd like to see.

Toobworld tries to be all-inclusive, to the best of its ability so long as there are no contradictions to other TV shows. That means our wish-list of crossovers would ignore such usual obstacles as different TV networks and concerns like the quality of a show. I'd have no problem with making a theoretical link between 'Lost', one of the greatest TV shows ever (already in my top 5), and 'My Mother The Car', reviled by many as one of the worst, so long as the argument for such a link was valid.

Just stating that up front. Remember that as you check out some of these crossovers I'd like to see.....

'Torchwood' - 'Primeval'

One's on the BBC, the other on ITV. But it would spell a ratings bonanza for both, I think.

'The Shield' - 'The Closer'
Even though 'The Shield' has now concluded, we could still see some of the fallout from the actions of Vic Mackey and his crew be dumped in the laps of the Major Crime Squad.

'Entourage' - '30 Rock'
Vincent Chase is brought on 'TGS with Tracy Jordan' as that week's guest performer.

'Cold Case' - 'New Tricks'
The old pros from Dover aka the UCOS squad could find their reopened investigation takes them to Philadelphia. Bonding between Lily Rush and Sandra Pullman ensues.

'Psych' - 'The Mentalist'
Patrick Jane admits that his "psychic" skills are all based on his observational skills. Could he find a way to expose Shawn Spencer as being the same?

'Robin Hood' - 'Merlin'
A little time travel spell by Merlin could put him in the same era as Robin Hood. And they could then use some kind of transformation magic to splain away the proposed recasting of Robin Hood and several of the key supporting players.

'Bones' - 'Bonekickers'
Here's where the question of quality would come up. 'Bones' has traveled to the United Kingdom in the past; next time they should cross over into 'Bonekickers'.

'Fringe' - 'The Eleventh Hour'
I'd love to see Dr. Jacob Hood interact with Dr. Walter Bishop! And Peter could schmooze FBI agent Rachel Young - who could be Agent Olivia Dunham's old classmate at Quantico.

'Fringe' - 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'
The technology developed by Massive Dynamics to build the robotic arm for Blair Brown's character in 'Fringe' will certainly be wanted by Skynet (of 'Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles') when they take over, so that their army of robots and cyborgs can be built.

Those are just some examples. I'd love to hear what ones you'd like to see!

Toby O'B


the Cur family said...

Well Fringe and LOST are two naturals, but how would that ever happen...

Time traveling bunnies....

I'd like to see Chuck flash on Dr. Bishop... who maybe designed the Intersect back before he was institutionalized?

Brent McKee said...

Actually Mentalist and Medium are two naturals, but the chances of Patrick Jane having and opportunity to expose Allison Dubois are less than zero.

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