Sunday, November 20, 2005


I'm not sure if this is standard knowledge among the Faithful, but the Toobworld chronology for any TV show is based upon when it was first broadcast, unless otherwise stated. Obviously, shows like 'Star Trek' are set in the far future, while Westerns can generally be fixated around the 1880's.

With 'The Poseidon Adventure', making its U.S. network premiere tonight on NBC at 8 PM EST, we know it's set on a specific date - this coming New Year's Eve. (Hey! It's 'The Poseidon Adventure'! You can make changes in characters, reasons for the capsize, etc., but some things should be held sacrosanct.)

However, had there been no established time-frame for the event, then it would be my opinion that 'The Poseidon Adventure' had already taken place.

As a four-hour mini-series, it has already debuted in Australia. I'd like to think that Toobworld is a global concept and therefore that broadcast - even though I didn't see it, (Harrumph!) - would have been the established moment in Time for the catastrophe.

Like I said, it's a moot point as far as 'The Poseidon Adventure' goes. But this has happened before. Just this past summer, one of my favorite TV shows of this past year played out on the Sundance Channel - 'Slings & Arrows'. It was new to me, but it had been broadcast on Canadian Television back in 2003.

So for the Toobworld Timeline, action movie star Jack Crewe appeared as Hamlet at the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival in 2003, not during the summer of 2005 as would have been assumed by the show's American presentation.

Clear as mud, right?


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