Tuesday, November 22, 2005


On my flights to California and back two weeks ago, Continental showed the same episode of 'Hope & Faith' from last season (as well as the movies, of course). Since today is Thanksgiving, they chose to show that particular episode.

Near the end of it, while admiring the fierce determination of their father's bride to be, Faith said to Hope, "Wow! Look at Wonder Woman!"

There's certainly no Zonk! inherent in this. There was no mention of Wonder Woman as a comic book nor as a TV series. Obviously Faith was referring to Wonder Woman as a real person; the super-hero exists in the same universe as the former star of 'The Sacred And The Profane' and her sister.

However, Wonder Woman was last active about twenty-five years ago, at least as far as the TV audience saw. She was probably still fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way (using her invisible plane and her magic lasso) all this time.

The Amazon Princess probably gets a lot of notoriety from the Press, and her picture may have been splashed across plenty of front pages - from the New York Ledger to the Los Angeles Tribune. (Maybe her picture was taken by Carl Kolchak and Peter "Spiderman" Parker?)

If so, Faith probably may have seen them and noticed the resemblance between Wonder Woman and Summer Kirkland. And seeing the gung-ho action taken by Summer to get them off the plane cemented that resemblance. (Good thing she wasn't wearing glasses or someone might have noticed Summer's resemblance to Diana Prince as well!)

And thus, "Wow! Look at Wonder Woman!" becomes a pop culture reference within the show, but an inside joke to us watching at home - since Lynda Carter played both Summer Kirkland and Wonder Woman in Toobworld.

I hope you and yours have a Wonder-filled Thanksgiving.....


"Do you like Wonder Woman, Stevie?"
"Nah. She's too butch."
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

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