Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The seventh episode of 'Lost' this season, "The Other 48 Days", could easily have taken the easy road and thus be subtitled "Island Of The Parallel People" We were even led to believe that the vignette for each day would echo what happened to themain cast on the other side of the island.

The "Los
taways" caught boar. The tailies caught a chicken.

Jack treated a guy with a leg wound (and I think it was Leslie Arzt.) The tailie with a leg wound died after seven days.

Somebody in both groups had to give mouth-to-mouth to revive somebody.

Each group had somebody land in the forest.

And then there was Nathan.

He said he was from Canada. Ethan claimed to be from Ontario.

"Ethan Rom" is an anagram for "other man". If the audience assumed Nathan's last name was Rom, his anagram would be "another man".

But as we later learned, such speculation was meaningless....

But just because the character of Nathan is no longer on the show in island time, that doesn't mean Josh Randall, who played the role, won't be on again.

Like Ian Somerhalder before him, he could appear in a flashback for one of the other suvivors. And I've got one in mind.

First let's take a look at what little we know about Nathan:

Remember, he said that he was from Canada.

Nathan claimed that he was in Australia on a company retreat.

Goodwin told Ana-Lucia that Nathan was not a nice person.

Now here are a few facts about Hugo Reyes:

"Hurley" won about 114 million dollars in the jackpot lottery.

Some of the money was invested in a shoe company.

The shoe company was located in Canada.

The shoe company burned down.

It would appear the crash was pre-determined/pre-destined/pre-arranged. And "the Others" did their homework, because Goodwin knew something about Nathan, enough to judge him as being bad, and it's doubtful it would have come up on any flight manifest.

So I'm thinking.... maybe Nathan was responsible for the shoe company fire?

I think it's plausible, and as we all know, stranger things have happened with this show!



Brent McKee said...

Strictly speaking, as I recall, Ethan Rom claimed he was from Ontario, which is either a Canadian province or an extremely dull city in the Los Angeles metroplex.

Toby O'B said...

Brent's right, and I've changed the entry accordingly.

And as he never actually said Ontario in Canada, that was just an assumption made by Hurley as well as by me.

Thanks, Brent!

WordsSayNothing said...

"Nathan Rom" would need a letter 'E' to properly anagram to "another man". Of course, hypothetically, his middle initial could be "E."

Everyone who claims to be a Canadian on Lost is hiding something. Kate turned out to be a criminal on the run, wanted for an as-yet-unspecified crime (though I hear we'll learn more about that soon). Ethan turned out to be one of "the others". Nathan's secret is yet to be revealed, and may never be revealed given that he has already died. But, as you said, that isn't enough to stop guest appearances, such as with Boone and maybe again with Shannon (her corpse acting in last week's episode notwithstanding). At first, your "Nathan is the arsonist" theory sounds ludicrous. Then again, the writers made the decision to highly coincidentally link Jack to Shannon in the hospital flashbacks, and also Jack to Desmond, which I still think is just too much to believe. And then we have Hurley turning out to probably be the owner of the box company that Locke worked for (unless there are two box companies in Tustin, CA). So I guess a flashback of Hurley visiting his shoe company in Canada isn't totally out of the question.