Monday, November 21, 2005


I wasn't kidding when I said it's feast rather than famine when it came to crossovers during each of the Sweeps months. Last week our top choice was the two-part adventure shared by the CSI teams in Miami and New York City, but I also mentioned a couple of runner-ups in the connection 'Joey' made with the 'Ellen' talk show, and 'Hot Properties' link to 'Oprah'.

But the guys who monitor "Tommy Westphall's Mind" (see the two links at left) also found another one. When 'Veronica Mars' visited the Lariat Rental Car agency, she was entering the world of 'The X-Files'.

So here we are in a new week and with a new link......

Our crossover happened on Friday night over in the United Kingdom. (Toobworld is global, baybeee, and I'm just sorry that with my limited resources, I can't keep track of any crossovers that might be happening in India and Scandinavia and Japan!)

The 26th annual "Children In Need" telethon was held, during which there were mostly concert performers by musical groups donating their efforts, like Madonna and Status Quo.

But there was also a brand new 'Doctor Who' vignette which starred David Tennant and Billie Piper. This was no "Dimensions In Time" spoof (which I accept as canon, by the way), because it bridged the gap between the end of last season and the upcoming special, 'The Christmas Invasion'. This short "story" actually fulfilled a purpose in Toobworld.

The adventure picked up less than a second after the finale and left us on a cliff-hanger so that we might be eagerly anticipating Christmas Day even more so now.
Jesus will be so pleased.
What was it about?
Oh, it was about five minutes long, I'd say.....
I'm not going to go into detail, as my American audience has not e
ven seen the first season of the new revival for 'Doctor Who' (at least not as far as the mainstream is concerned). And Zarquon only knows when - or if! - the American public will ever get a chance to see the show.

But I will say this - a simple declarative above gave away at least one of the main articles of interest in the vignette.

However.... If you really have a mind to see the sketch, then hie thee thither to the BBC Online and look for the 'Doctor Who' Home Page. There you can open up a viewer to see the piece in its entirety.

And I suppose, - if you're feeling charitable around the holidays, - you can also find the information about how to donate to the Children In Need fund.

Coming up..... It looks to be a tie for Crosssover Of The Week after the holiday. And they'll be going head-to-head in their own little battle of the network stars!


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