Friday, January 1, 2021


As I write this, the second season for Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor has only just started with the first part of “Spyfall” airing on New Year’s Day.  (Part two airs tomorrow.)

And in that time we’ve spent in her company, we’ve had at least one good story for the companion Yaz, oftentimes in connection with Ryan.  But outside the references to his late wife who died during the first adventure with this Doctor, there hasn’t been much of a spotlight on the oldest companion, Graham O’Brien.

I’ve got a suggestion for one, however.  [O’Briens have to look out for each other.]

What if it turned out that Graham was the Great to the Nth Power Grandfather of Lady Cassandra O’Brien, the last “pure” human by the time of “The End Of The World”?  Even if she was just a stretched out tapestry of skin?

[That might not freak out Graham as much as finding out that when she was a little girl, Cassandra O’Brien was actually a little boy!]

It’s a monumental coincidence, but where would TV be without them?


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