Friday, January 1, 2021


Whenever a Zonk – that is, a mistake or some kind of discrepancy – shows up in a TV series, I don’t just write it off as an error.  I try to work within the reality of the series to splain it all away.

Such a discrepancy popped up as ‘Game of Thrones’ was drawing to a close.  In fact, it happened twice.

First there was that infamous coffee cup on the table at Winterfell.

Well, there was no problem with that.  Somebody provided the reason and the resolution in a handy-dandy meme….

[And why were the Doctor and Amy on the planet of Westeros?  Because it was Mondas, where the Cybermen would eventually come to reign.  And for a specific reason?  Let's say that they had to retrieve Qyburn's papers about reanimating the dead before the Rani got hold of them.  Why not?]

The trickier problem came later in the last episode, when a water bottle was left in the scene.  

I doubt this was done by the Doctor.  “Once burned, forever shy” as ‘The Prisoner’ once said.  Or was it John Drake?  No matter.  In Toobworld, they’re one and the same.  Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

But it would be in keeping with the practices by that meddlesome Monk (seen here wearing his sonic shades.)  We’ve blamed him in the past for supplying modern day products to TV characters in the di)stant past of Earth Prime-Time – like Pepsi and Bud Light in the Middle Ages; or FedEx during the Neolithic era.

How a plastic water bottle might have adversely affected the Seven Kingdoms on the planet of Mothra, I can’t say.  I can only propose the theory that the Monk was responsible for leaving it behind in King’s Landing.

At least the Doctor came back to retrieve his garbage….


For the type of post that is just a time-waster to fill in the half-hour breaks, I wrote way too much on this one…..

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