Saturday, January 19, 2019


If we were in the staid old days of the television industry, then we’ve entered the period which used to be known as “the second season”.  Basically, it was about thirteen weeks into the TV season which used to be the cut-off point for the failing shows.  That seems luxuriant now in today’s short-attention span industry – remember when the cancellatin of ‘Turn On’ after one episode (actually DURING the episode!) was considered an oddity?

But with the new year the biz is rejuvenating itself, either with delayed season openers or new midseason replacements.  And thanks to YouTube, the trailers are out there for the potential audience to sample.

Here are a few of those:

I said thanks to YouTube for showcasing these trailers.  But I especially want to thank my Brit bloggin’ buddy Buckley, Rob Buckley, who featured these trailers in his excellent (addictive for me!) blog “The Medium Is Not Enough”.  You’ll find the link for it to the left in my blogroll.

Let me know If any of these piqued your interest.


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