Sunday, January 13, 2019


Since her passing, I’ve featured Dame June Whitfield in two Inner Toob posts and included her in two others (the 2018 Hat Squad & Whovians of the Hat Squad 2018.)  So with today’s Video Sunday offering, you can probably guess that I was quite captivated by her.

But I really only knew her from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and that cameo in ‘Doctor Who’.  Putting together yesterday’s Video Saturday salute to her, I got to see her in early Benny Hill sketch shows as well as in the sitcoms with Terry Scott – ‘Happy Ever After’ & ‘Terry and June’.   So I thought I’d share some of those with you today as well.

As a crossoverist, I just wish they played the same characters in both of these Britcoms.  I suppose I could always come up with one of my crackpot theories in which they are the same characters, but in two different Toobworlds.  But Terry Fletcher was raised by his birth parents while Terry Medford was adopted in his alternate Toobworld.  June Fletcher and June Medford went along for the ride by taking the Terrys’ names in marriage.

I still like the idea that Terry and June Fletcher are Terry and June Medford, but for reasons unknown they had to assume new identities.  (Testified against Doug and Dinsdale Piranha, perhaps?)  But that would entail a lot of research by watching every episode to see what the Medfords might have said about their pasts (which still could be fabrications…..)  Unfortunately even now that I’m retired I still don’t have the time.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy these examples of the loverly Dame June at work….



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