Sunday, June 24, 2018


This past Tuesday was the 121st anniversary of the birth of Moe Howard, the "tough guy" of the Three Stooges.

He made several appearances on Mike Douglas' talk show back in the day and it's O'Bvious that Douglas was a big fan.

Somebody put together this compilation of his appearances on the show.

The Stooges were a great daily highlight of my life in T-House at UConn back in the 1970s.  Like most people, my first favorite was Curly, Moe's brother.  And then I learned to appreciate the work of his other brother, Shemp, who had the thankless task of stepping in when Curly was sidelined permanently due to health problems.  Nowadays, my favorite is Larry Fine.

I don't know why I never considered Moe, maybe because he was the belligerent, abusive one, making him hard to like.  But he's the strong center which holds the trio together and that should be acknowledged and celebrated.

So here's to you, Moe!

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