Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Yesterday's Five-O, visiting San Francisco inspector mentions working with Insps. Stone and Keller, who don't always follow the rules. Given Stone's age in the '70s and Keller's resignation from the force, my guess is the current Stone and Keller followed on their pops' footprint.

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Martin Ross

I don't place the new version of 'Hawaii Five-O' in the main Toobworld in which 'The Streets Of San Francisco' took place, and for a very good reason - the original 'Five-O' series with Jack Lord, James MacArthur, and on occasion Kigh Diegh has the honor of being part of Earth Prime-Time.  The 2010 series, still on the air, is a total remake... despite bringing in Ed Asner as a character he played in the original show.

For me this reference to the Quinn Martin show which starred Karl Malden and Michael Douglas still was not a Zonk.  Instead, the Frisco detective was referring to the counterparts of Stone and Keller in that Land o' Remakes, who were probably younger and recast - as was the case with the Five-O squad.

So it still works but on an interdimensional level.  Thanks, Martin!


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