Thursday, February 12, 2015


'Criminal Minds' will make another attempt at establishing a spin-off beachhead. (The previoius attempt starred Forrest Whitaker.)  This proposed new series, which will first appear as a backdoor pilot on the original show, will be about FBI agents overseas who help American citizens in trouble.  Gary Sinise is the team's leader, Jack Garrett, while Anna Gunn, best known for 'Breaking Bad', will be playing Ally Lambert, an expert on international law and linguistics.

This casting automatically triggers a Wish-Craft for me.  For Toobworld purposes, wouldn't it have been great if Sinise was playing Mac Tyler, his character from 'CSI: NY'?  And Anna Gunn could be her character of Ellie Miller from 'Gracepoint'.  Let's face it, there wasn't much keeping her and her sons tied down to that small town on the Pacific coast....

Of course, the job descriptions would have to change and it would be a big leap to make it plausible.  Still, it's nice to dream.....


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