Thursday, July 31, 2014


"You can't trust the police these days."
"Says who?"
"The wire!"
'The Cafe'
I'm fairly certain that in the script, Sarah's mother's line "The wire!" probably was printed as "'The Wire'!".  It was supposed to be a reference to the TV series from HBO.
But 'The Wire' and 'The Cafe' exist in the same TV dimension, so Carol shouldn't be referring to a TV show.
There are several options to choose from to de-Zonk this situation.  One would be that Carol was using the slang term for the newspaper wire services.  But how she was privy to such information is unclear.  I don't think we've seen any habitues of Cyril's Cafe in the seaside village of Weston who were journalists.
The better option would be that Carol ("Speak of the devil!") had read a non-fiction book entitled "The Wire", which covered the drug trade in Baltimore and its judicial, political, and journalistic ramifications.

And then, as often happens in Toobworld, it was adapted into a movie.  (A TV show if must be.....)
Works for me!


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