Tuesday, July 29, 2014


As a big fan of 'Columbo' (It's my fifth favorite show!), it was a great pleasure to get to know character actor John Finnegan in his last years.  And I think I can call him a friend.

Mr. Finnegan stayed at my place of business several times and was always ready with an anecdote about filming the series with Peter Falk, with whom he worked on other projects as well (like the Cassavetes film "A Woman Under The Influence".)

He even got me an autographed copy of Falk's autobiography, a cherished addition to the Toobworld library.

In all, Mr. Finnegan appeared in 12 episodes of 'Columbo'.  The only two actors who probably surpassed that number would be Mike Lally and Vito Scotti.  

He appeared in plenty of other TV show roles as well, including a handful of 'McCloud' episodes.  Oddly enough, the "ever-reliable" IMDb doesn't include "Give My Regrets To Broadway", from which these screenpics were culled.  In that episode, Mr. Finnegan played the landlord of a detective who had been murdered on the night he covered for Marshall McCloud.

John Finnegan passed away on this date in 2012.


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