Monday, February 7, 2011


Tele-folks aren't the only members of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame; objects have been inducted as well over the years.

One of those member objects made a return appearance to 'CSI' this past week:

Playpen magazine - the most popular racy men's magazine in Toobworld - showed up at least once before in the Las Vegas-based forensic crime procedural. There was an episode in which a family was investigated after the baby was found murdered. The oldest son had issues of the skin mag in his closet.

This time they were found under the pillow of a deaf student's bed in a college dormitory. That round disk is a vibrating smoke detector for the deaf in case of emergency.

It looks like the other magazines were "Backside" and "Frolic". Either one of those could turn out to be gay magazines with those titles, so that student could have been a switch-hitter.

Bet that actor never considered such an interpretation when he was filming the scene!


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Sean V Cleary said...

It would have been cool to also have found a couple copies of "Big'Uns"...