Sunday, February 6, 2011


The idea that tele-folks can be reincarnated as cars has been around at least since the "glory" days of 'My Mother The Car'. (Maybe even farther back if there were talking cars in TV commercials before now.)

As seen in a recent spate of Volkswagen blipverts, these living cars with human souls have become more accepted in Toobworld society. Whereas Dave Crabtree had to hide the existence of his mother reborn as a 1928 Porter, Max the Jetta and a classic VW bus (whom I call "the Dub Dude") live openly in the suburbs......

The Dub Dude abides.

Max has even gone on to host his own talk show on TV, where his automotive appearance and even his German accent have not been impediments to his aspirations:

So it's not really a surprise to see a "drove" of reincarnated cars get together and get all up in each other's grills.....

(And that's another blipvert that will be seen during the Super Bowl.)


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