Friday, February 11, 2011


On 'Burke's Law', Captain Amos Burke and his two detectives (Sgt. Les Hart and Detective Tim Tilson) searched the mansion murder scene as they tried to figure out "Who Killed Madison Cooper?" When they wondered why the famous lawyer would have been near his window whne he was stabbed, Burke asked Hart, "Remember Charlie Chan?"

After Les said, "Yeah," Burke quoted the Chinese-American detective: "When you see picture, look behind picture."

And with that, he found a safe hidden behind a picture hanging on the wall.
Burke directed his question at Les Hart, not at Tim Tilson. That's because he wasn't talking about old movies, but about the man himself. Amos and Les must have dealt with Charlie Chan before Tim joined the team. I wrote about Captain Burke and Charlie Chan before - apparently
his chauffeur once worked for Chan, and it could be that Henry and Charlie Chan were related.


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