Thursday, August 19, 2010


The August edition of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame is running late because I didn't wat it to get lost in the middle of the 'Maverick' marathon of posts that ran during my two weeks of vacation. So now we can give our honoree the attention he deserves.....

With July and August, TV Western characters are inducted into the TVXOHOF, one who is an historical figure and the other found only in Toobworld.

In July, Cochise was added to this special tribe, and that took care of the historical character, with Michael Ansara's portrayal being the official representation. In memory of Robert Culp, the latest member of the Hall of Fame is Hoby Gilman, Texas Ranger.

Ranger Hoby Gilman had his own series, 'Trackdown'. But he was first introduced in the "Badge Of Honor" episode of 'Zane Grey Theater". In one of those 'Trackdown' episodes, Hoby crossed paths with Josh Randall, thus introducing the real world to Steve McQueen's bounty hunter. Randall would go on to have his own series, 'Wanted: Dead Or Alive'. A nominee for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame needs to have connections to three different TV showcases - and that includes commercials, cartoons, TV movies, etc. So Hoby Gilman has all three - his own series; his pilot launched from another series; and his show launching another series.

This would be enough for any TV character, but Hoby Gilman wasn't finished. He was mentioned on a fourth series, 'I Spy'. In one episode, Kelly Robinson was showing off his dexterity in twirling his gun - which prompted his partner Alexander Scott to chastise him with "Hoby, Hoby, Hoby...."

This would an in-joke on the part of the episode writer, everywhere but Toobworld Central. Here, it's a reference to the "historical" character of the Texas Ranger.

Both Kelly and Scott understood the significance of that reference and here's why: at some point unseen by the Trueniverse audience, Kelly must have told Scott about his great-grandfather*, the Texas Ranger named Hoby Gilman. And in keeping with Toobworld tradition, in which tele-genetics can be so strong that they can be passed down exactly through the generations, Hoby and Kelly looked exactly the same.

And with that, Hoby Gilman is more than qualified to join the Maverick brothers, Cheyenne Bodie, and Hec Ramsey (aka Paladin) and many other TV Western characters in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

Welcome aboard, Hoby, from Toby! BCnU

* Hoby was young enough that he could have been Kelly Robinson's grandfather.....

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