Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In 1893, an unfortunate young scientist named Mark Radcliffe created a formula that allowed him to travel faster than the eye could see. Unfortunately, he finally took too much of the stuff, which caused him to live out the next fifty years (from his perspective) between the hours of 3 pm and 5 pm on the sunny afternoon of September 17. (This was all documented in the mini-series "The Infinite Worlds Of HG Wells".) It's a theory of relateeveety here at Toobworld Central that Mark Radcliffe left behind a sister, who was either married to a man named Nicholson or who would eventually marry him around the turn of the century. She would have a son whom she would name in memory of her brother; Mark Nicholson was probably born in 1905.

Mark Nicholson would grow up to become a writer, perhaps influenced by HG Wells, the man who chronicled the fate of his uncle. Mark wrote mostly crime and mystery stories, which brought him to the notice of the newly formed department of Special Operations Executive, described by Miss Hilda Pierce to be a Department of Dirty Deeds for the war effort. (We met Mark, and were re-introduced to Miss Pierce, in "The French Drop", an episode of 'Foyle's War' set in February of 1941.)

Here are pictures of Professor Mark Radcliffe and his nephew Mark Nicholson: This theory of relateeveety goes on to claim that Mark Nicholson had a grandchild who was also named after him, but it is unknown if they shared the same last name. This third Mark was seen in an episode of 'Extras', where he was an actor working on a movie starring Ross Kemp. Maggie had a crush on him.....
The reason for this theory of relateeveety? All three roles were played by Raymond Coulthard.....


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