Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay, here's a possible theory of relateeveety for you:
Neal Caffrey, 'White Collar'
Dr. Molly Caffrey, 'Threshold'

I'm thinking a relation no closer than the two of them being first cousins. That way it doesn't have to ever come into play in dialogue during 'White Collar'.

And since we haven't seen those human-inhabiting aliens (but then, how would we know?) since 'Threshold' went off the air, perhaps Dr. Caffrey and the rest of her team have either vanquished the threat of invasion or they are still fighting the good fight.

Even if her character has fallen in the battle since 'Threshold' went off the air, enough time has passed before 'White Collar' premiered for Neal to have mourned his cousin (while he was in prison) and then moved on. It could have been news of her death upset him enough to trip him up so that FBI Agent Peter Burke could catch him.


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Anonymous said...

Except one problem, he got caught by the FBI because of Kate