Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here's an interesting web post in which the writers try to reconcile locations from Toobworld with their real world counterparts. This time out, it's about the location of Dr. Jack Shephard's medical office in 'Lost':

The thing is, there's no sense worrying about this sort of thing. It's not a discrepancy, what I call a Zonk, because the TV Universe and the "Trueniverse" are two different places.

Linda Stasi once got bent out of shape about this sort of thing in the New York Post when 'Clubhouse' tried to create new subway lines for the show. Somebody else did the same thing with '24' and its version of Washington, DC. (Sorry, can't remember who wrote that up.)

So anyhoo, the 8444 Wilshire Blvd of 'Lost', at least in the Sideways Dimension, can be located in Los Angeles. And in the long run, where's the harm?


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