Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Next week, three of the Dragons from 'Dragons' Den' are to appear as themselves in an episode of 'Hustle'.

In the February 1st episode, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne will be seen competing with each other to invest in an idea proposed by a guy named Mervyn, as he is such a "fantastic businessman". Turns out it's a fantasy in Mervyn's mind; in reality, the concept he's promoting is just a scam cooked up by the 'Hustle' gang of con men to rip Mervyn off.

I'm not sure if this will show up in America on AMC; I don't think they've carried the show for awhile.....

But we have seen 'Dragon's Den' appear in another show, 'The It Crowd'. So this pseudo-reality program can connect the sitcom to 'Hustle'......

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