Monday, January 25, 2010


It will probably be the closest I'll ever get to my wish to see James Garner playing a family member of Agent Booth's on 'Bones':

Angela did a facial reconstruction of the mysterious skull brought in to the Jeffersonian Institute and it gave credence to their suspicions that the body was that of President John F. Kennedy. The staff had been under strict orders from "Mr. White" not to make suppositions about the skeletal remains, so they all came up with different possible identities based on that picture:

Ricky Martin

Alex Trebek

James Garner

and even Booth himself.

Me? I see Potsie.....

When Ralph Waite came on board in a guest spot as Booth's grandfather, I wasn't worried that my hope for Garner to play Booth's grand-dad was shot down. After all, Garner could play the grandfather on the maternal side. So that's a possibility that still might come to fruition.....


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