Tuesday, December 4, 2007


In the latest episode of 'Chuck' ("Chuck vs. The Crown Vic"), the Nerd Herd were sent out to service the entertainment/computer equipment on board a yacht. Lester remarked that it reminded him of the Pacific Princess. However, the guy who represented the yacht's owner didn't understand the reference, so Chuck had to point out that Lester was talking about 'The Love Boat', much to Lester's chagrin.

Later at the Buy More, Big Mike saw Morgan in his jaunty yachter's cap and derisively called him "Captain Stubing".

So that made three employees of the Buy More who made references to 'The Love Boat' in the same episode; references to a TV show that should exist as "reality" in the world of 'Chuck'.

My theory is this (hearing the voice of Jim Dale saying that!):

A few years back, the employees of the Buy More somehow earned a cruise - weekend, day trip, not sure - on board the actual Pacific Princess, which is widely known by its nickname of "The Love Boat". And while on that cruise, something must have happened to Lester - probably a failed attempt to make a pass at someone else on board - about which the other Nerd Herders have incessantly ridiculed him. So just the mention of the phrase "The Love Boat" is anathema to Lester and he was hoping Chuck wouldn't mention it at all.

Now, by that time Captain Stubing had retired from active service as Captain of the Pacific Princess. But as was seen in the sequel series, 'The Love Boat: The Next Wave', he was still working for the corporation and every so often he would take a cruise on the Princess just to make sure everything was going smoothly.

Since the TV Universe is inundated with coincidence, it could be that Merrill Stubing was on board the Pacific Princess at the same time as the Buy More employees group. And probably because of whatever Lester did, Big Mike was called on the carpet before Stubing. Morgan Grimes probably was involved as well, which is how he understood the reference to "Captain Stubing" by his boss.

It's a theory that could serve as a reasonable splainin.

And if so, those Zonks are sunk.

Toby OB

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