Friday, June 29, 2007


I caught part of an episode of "Drake and Josh", my first one, only because I figured I'd get the name of a fictional TV show out of it. (The plot was about one of the two guys appearing as a perp's dramatization on 'The FBI's Most Wanted'.)

But I got a bonus for Toobworld trivia by the fact that he was working at a moviehouse, looked to be a sixplex. However I was caught off-guard - didn't have the ol' trusty pen and pad handy to copy down all of the names of the movies playing there. But I did remember these three:

"Bacon And Legs"
"Soup City"
"The Eyes Of The Mummy"

Perhaps "The Eyes Of The Mummy" stars the televersion of Brendan Frazier. "Bacon And Legs"? Maybe a Pixar or Dreamworks CGI flick about a pig joining the Rockettes. (I probably just gave away the next big animation hit.....)

And "Soup City"? Beats me. Maybe the televersion of Jerry Seinfeld is finally making movies and decided his past experience with the "Soup Nazi" might make a good starting point for a movie....

Toby OB

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