Friday, July 13, 2018


It was bound to happen sooner or later - we have a new member inductee on Friday the Thirteenth!

I didn't want to curse any new member with dire portents on what should be the happiest day of their Toobworld careers.  (Should be - but let's face it, it's just my little playground of the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.....)  

So I have chosen a new candidate who can probably withstand anything that comes its way.  After all, our new inductee is a multiversal which has faced zombies, alien invasions, vampires and two things that once upon a time actually scared people: the Y2K threat and the new millennium.  Oh.  And Ian Ziering.  

So if it could handle all that, then it can handle Friday the Thirteenth!

It's Smeat!  The canned processed meat that is supposed to suggest Spam but without getting into trouble with their finicky lawyers.  It's on a par with Morley Cigarettes or Heisler Beer for the go-to Toob substitues.

There's a great site out there with a collection of frame grabs from a good number of shows and I want to give them a shout-out.

Without them, I'd have a deviled ham of a time trying to get enough pics for today's ceremony.  If you like what you see here, then go visit them.  They have even more examples from the Cineverse which don't apply to our multidimensional realm of the Toob.

But here are the examples I cribbed:


'Beverly Hills, 90210'

'Days Of Our Lives'


'Burn Notice'


Beck music video: "Sexx Laws" 

There's a whole story behind the Toobworldian connections for that video, but we'll save that for tomorrow.  Today, we celebrate Smeat!

Finally (at least for Toobworld1.....)

Crystal Geyser Ad: "Cashier"  

Crystal Geyser Ad: "Cashier II"


Here is the basic premise of that same Crystal Geyser ad, but with a finale that places it into a different TV dimension.  (I could have claimed that it was still Earth Prime-Time but after everythng had been changed by Helen Cutter's alterations to the Toobworld timeline during the 'Primeval' period, but it seems even more trivial than Sgt. Wilson's name change on 'Columbo'.  So I'll stick with this happening in the Land O' Remakes, Toobworld2.

'The Walking Dead'

That stuff will kill you, Carl.  Oh.  Never mind....


'Being Human' (USA)

Both versions of 'Being Human' - English and American - have been interred here.  Earth Prime-Time can have vampires, but not where they are that prevalent and so out in the open.  And as they are no longer in the main Toobworld, I'm not even worried about two remakes sharing the same dimension.  So there.

And there you have it.  Multiversal Smeat is now a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.  It may be spread across several TV dimensions, but there are still more than enough examples from Earth Prime-Time for those who want it to qualify in one dimension only.

Welcome to the Hall, Smeat.  Now let's break out the Let's Potato Chips and the Heisler Beer and have ourselves a Friday the Thirteenth party!  

Smoke Morleys if you got 'em......


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