Tuesday, March 29, 2016


'Stitchers' returned last week, but now their home network, formerly ABC Family, is now known as "Freeform".  And in that Season Two premiere episode, entitled "2.0", there were two pop culture references which were more than just in-jokes and could have an impact on the TV Universe.
The Stitchers program now has a chief of security from the NSA to make sure all the "squints" - oops, wrong show! - all the technicians on the project are safe.  After everything that happened last year, it was time for them to stop playing cerebral cowboys.  Not that it's likely to happen.

During his first experience watching a "stitch", the NSA Agent protecting them (seen above, to the far right) wanted to know if Kirsten had to eat brains in order to gain the information... information... information... out of the heads of the victims.

Maggie couldn't believe he asked that. "She's not a zombie. This is science."
On its surface, treating 'Stitchers' as just a TV show, this is a reference to the CW show 'iZombie'.  In that series, Liv Moore was a semi-zombie who needed to eat brains in order to survive but she wasn't a mindless "walker" as well.  Luckily for her, she worked in the morgue and was able to get a fresh supply of the cranial snacks.

Liv and her co-worker, Ravi Chakraburti, thought they were operating under the radar, but the government, more than likely one of the shadow agencies which were really in charge, probably had a complete dossier on her.  And as long as she could be considered "under control" for her zombie tendencies, then it must have been decided that she could continue fighting the good fight in solving those victims' murders....
And news of this zombie must have spread from one government agency to the other.
So much for that potential Zonk.  It's the second reference, however, that causes a bit of a problem for the integrity of the Toobworld Dynamic. And we'll be covering that in the second post for today.....


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