Monday, March 28, 2016


Starz is offering non-subscribers the chance to see the first season of 'Outlander' for free online. I'm two episodes in and I'm enjoying it, but I don't see myself taking on another premium network at this time.

Anyhoo, in the second episode ("Castle Leogh"), Claire found herself stuck at the castle as The Mackenzie's "guest" for five days until the tinker came around on his weekly travels.

We can see the tinker here as Claire thought she was making her goodbyes. He's on the left, standing next to his horse....

He doesn't really play much of a role in the events of Claire's life, trapped in 1743. No, his importance Earth Prime-Time will occur long after he is dead. And all because of the name he bears:

It will be the theory of "relateeveety" that Sean Petrie is the forefather of the family tree for several characters in Toobworld. First and foremost there are the Petries originally from Danville, Illinois: Sam Petrie, his sons Robert and Stacy, his grandson Richard ROSEBUD, and their great grand uncle, Hezekiah.

And there are two black men, more than likely cousins, both named Mark Petrie. One was a detective in New York City, while the other was an angry father seeking revenge against a faith healer in Toronto. It's my belief both of those men are descended from Hezekiah Petrie, who had a fondness for the ladies of color back at the turn of the 20th Century.

Between 1743 and 1863 - when Hezekiah shows up in the Toobworld timeline - that's an awful lot of generations that need to be filled in!

By the way, I hope you understand my choice of a heading for this post, considering this cast of characters, even though the action took place in Scotland.....


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