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Two years ago I abandoned a "Theory of Relateeveety" project because it was getting out of hand and leading me to invent storylines for the characters that had nothing to do with what was either seen on TV or suggested by previously established storylines.  Things like Governor Drinkwater being a Nazi sleeper agent!  I needed to step away from the O'Hara family tree.

But I'm returning to it for this special occasion - my recent* discovery of an O'Hara family member from even earlier in the timeline which I had already established.

Previously in "Chiefly O'Haras", the earliest known member of the family tree was Aloysius O'Hara who was stationed at Fort Apache in the American Southwest of the 1870s.  Although he was not married in 'The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin', it's pozzb'le, just pozz'ble, that he fathered a child with a local saloon girl.  (It's a Toobworld theory that many family trees are helped along by the Wild West's Most Wanton.)

But with this episode, we got to meet his mother, Mrs. O'Hara.  She was a true frontier woman, as rough and tumble as they come, and when she was reunited with her son Aloysius, it was during her journey to claim a stake for herself in California.  More than likely, they probably never saw each other again.....

Her first name wasn't given, but I like to think it was Agnes or Agatha.  She just has the look of an "Aggie O'Hara".

Technically she is not of O'Hara blood; she married into the family.  And I'd like to think that her husband was Aloysius O'Hara, Senior, with the Sergeant being named after him.

But I do have another theory of relateeveety for her, one that would supply "Aggie" with a maiden name.  I'm going to suggest that she was the sister of a con man named Silky O'Sullivan, who on occasion helped two former outlaws by the names of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, 'Alias Smith And Jones'........

Silky may have borrowed some of her clothing when she stopped by to visit him on her way to California.....


* And by recent, I mean the last day of January.  I'm writing this on February 3rd!

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