Saturday, May 23, 2015


Bill Murray was David Letterman's first guest on both of his late night talk shows.

Over the years every appearance turned out to be an event and that penultimate show gave us a compilation of the highlights:

So for the last "regular" 'Late Show with David Letterman', Bill Murray burst out of a cake and proceeded to eat cake off his shoe and be his usual low-key weirdo self.  

You can see a couple of drinking glasses on Dave's desk in this next segment and that will be key to what happened later Tuesday night.  Just before Dave tried to end the segment, Bill broke out a bottle of Slovenia Vodka and proceeded to plug it.  And he also chugged from the bottle as Letterman then did as well.  

And then his exit from the set lived up to his reputation with the show - he burst through the "Bill Murray Doors" to the tune of "Power To The People" and rallied the people on the street to his cause: keeping David Letterman on the air.  

But even though the show cut away and soon ended, Bill Murray continued with his street theatre tactics, making his way to Rockefeller Center (or wherever the bleep it is where they broadcast MSNBC's 'The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell') and made his way on to the set while O'Donnell was talking about Senator Elizabeth Warren.  (As you can see, Bill cleaned himself up a bit before he made his appearance.)

And that's when the vodka started to really kick in.......

The next night, on the final 'Late Show with David Letterman', Bill Murray appeared once again as part of the final Top Ten List as one of ten celebrities who made frequent appearances on the show over the years:

At the end you'll see and just barely hear Dave tell Bill that he saw him on TV the night before and wondered if everything was all right.  "I'm okay," Bill reassured him.

I think this locks Bill's appearances on the penultimate 'Late Show' and his surprise walk-on at 'The Last Word' as the Best Reality Show Crossover for the 2015 Toobits Awards.  


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