Saturday, December 25, 2010


When my mother was alive, there was one TV show which she hoped I would be able to track down for her so that she could see it again - an episode of 'The Danny Kaye Show' with Mary Tyler Moore and Nat King Cole as the guest stars.

All I was able to find was this publicity photo. The episode was the Christmas special which aired on Christmas Day, 1963. (That scheduling would probably be unheard of today, at least in the United States. Great Britain's BBC has made a tradition of specials shown on Christmas day.)

Apparently this picture was from the segment in which Danny and Nat sang "Jingle Bells".

But as I wasn't able to track down that episode, I'd like to present this video in her memory.....

To learn more about the episode, click here.

So that's for you, Mom. If there really is a Heaven, they better have shown that TV episode to you already......


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