Thursday, September 20, 2007


When Terry O'Quinn accepted his award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Sunday night at the Emmy Awards, he expressed a wistful longing for another TV series.....

"Sometimes when we're rolling around in the jungle in the mud, hitting each other and stabbing each other, I wonder what it would be like to bake up a sheet of cookies on Wisteria Lane and get one of their checks," he said, referring to 'Desperate Housewives'.

It got me wondering if his character of John Locke ever visited that street in a scene that we shall never see....

Among the many jobs that Locke held before he became paralyzed was that of a house inspector, hired to check out homes as a pre-condition for their sale. We know Locke lived in Tustin, California, when he was working for Hurley's box company, but that doesn't mean he always lived there. Even so, it could be that while he was a house inspector he traveled a bit to do his job, and eventually it brought him to nearby Fairview, California.

Perhaps he was the house inspector who checked out the home purchased by Paul and Mary Alice Young when they moved to Fairview. They moved there in order to raise their child without interference from the crack whore of a birth mother who practically abandoned the baby into Mary Alice's care. (Later, Mary Alice murdered the young woman when she tracked them down to reclaim her baby.)

It would be one of those trivial moments that wouldn't even merit a flashback on either show, but it's that kind of supposition upon which Toobworld thrives......

Toby OB

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