Friday, September 21, 2007


In my quest to go through every episode of 'Psych' to find all of the pineapple references, I caught one from the second season (Or was it the second half of the first season? I'm so confused!) called "Poker? I Barely Know Her!".

There were two possible Zonks in the episode in which Shawn and Gus cited the names of past TV shows, shows that should be sharing the same universe as 'Psych'.

The first one is easy to splain away: during one of his fake psychic seizures, Shawn shouted out "Chips! Ponch! Jon!"

Now for us, that was a reference to the TV show 'CHiPs', in which the main characters were California Highway patrolmen named Ponch and Jon. For Shawn, that hold true as well - except that he was referring to the real California Highway Patrol and to the real Jon Baker and Frank Poncharello. It's likely that Shawn knew them through their association in the past with his father, Henry Spencer. In trying to be vague about the clue about poker chips, Shawn threw out the reference as a nod to his father, a retired police officer, who was in the room watching the display.

As for the second Zonk.... that's a little tougher. It's probably best to share the whole dialogue exchange:

Gus: The buzzer upstairs says his [apartment] is 227.
Shawn: "227". Marla Gibbs.
Gus: Regina King.
Shawn: Jackee.
Gus: Hal Williams as Lester Jenkins.

WE know what they were talking about - the sitcom '227' which starred those actors. But it's not a sitcom in their world; it's part of their world.

So let's keep those actors as actors in this scenario; after all, they would exist in Toobworld as well - I'm sure they must have appeared on 'Hollywood Squares' or some other game show over the years.

But what would '227' be? How about a movie that starred all of those actors? Or perhaps it's a game show as well, with a numerical title like 'Twenty-One', and those four actors were major players on it - like Charley Weaver, Paul Lynde, Rose Marie, and Wally Cox on 'Hollywood Squares', or Richard Dawson and the late Bret Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly on 'Match Game'.

It's tenuous, but it's the best I can do. At least it would take away the onus of a Zonk.

Bet you're wondering - if you're even reading this far - if I found a pineapple reference in the episode. Well, no. I didn't. Apparently they don't go overboard and install a pineapple reference in every episode.

However, we can force one upon them with this episode! At the end, after they had nailed the bad guy cheating at cards during a big poker tournament, Gus and Shawn are walking through the casino on the Indian reservation. In the background at one point, we can see a couple of slot machines.

And that's where I say we'd find our pineapples!

Fruits are common symbols used on slot machine bars - cherries, bananas, watermelons and pineapples. So I'm thinking that if we had the chance to see those slot machines up close, we'd see that at least one of them used pineapple symbols. We just weren't beaten over the head with the reference.

How do you like them apples?

Toby OB
Back in November of 2006, I had a post titled "Ace Of Zonks" which dealt with a reference to 'The X-Files' on 'Las Vegas'......

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