Saturday, February 17, 2007


Coming home from work just now, I spotted a subway poster for a new version of 'Zorro', to be presented as a telenovela on Telemundo.

Even though it'll be in the proper language for a TV series about Spanish-dominated California in the 1820s, it still must be relegated to an alternate dimension. Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld, already has its masked swordsman, as personified by Guy Williams in the Disney production from the late 1950s.

And nothing could sway me to ever bend the rules on that, all because of one episode on the series (which actually aired on the 'Disneyland' show in April of 1961). "Auld Acquaintance" featured a scalawag named Ramon Castillo, and it is my contention that not only was he a Gallifreyan Time Lord who would later go by the name of "Roarke", but that he was the father of Miguelito Loveless. (Miguelito was already carrying alien DNA on his mother's side which could be traced back to a visitation to ancient Greece by the Sahndarans.)

I am going to check out this new version, just to see the production values and to see the characters in action... not that I'm going to understand a word of what's being said!

Shows cited:
the new 'Zorro'
'Fantasy Island'
'The Wild, Wild West'
'Star Trek'


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