Friday, February 16, 2007


Sometimes I get so caught up in my excitement over a particular splainin or theory about Toobworld, that I manage to miss even the most blatant bits of information... information... information.....

And that's what happened when I trumpeted my belief that Ms. Hawking the Shopkeeper in 'Lost' - "Flashes Before Your Eyes' was in fact the White Guardian from 'Doctor Who'.

The White Guardian was a recurring character in a season-long story arc in which the cosmic entity sent the Doctor off on a mission to recover and reassemble the various segments of the Key of Time in order to save the Universe. The quest for each segment made up the storylines for each of the multi-episode stories for that season, but the over-riding title for the year was "The Key of Time".

And here we had a story about what happened to Desmond after he turned the fail-safe key in the hatch and saved the Universe - he found himself thrust back in Time to live through his own flashback with the knowledge of what was to come. And the Shopkeeper/White Guardian was there to guide him to make the fateful choice to do it all over again.

I totally didn't see the whole Time/Key significance connecting both stories.

Oh well, what the hell. Better late than never.


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