Thursday, December 8, 2005


According to reports in Variety, there will be a TV series remake of 'Starsky And Hutch'... over in France. It's going to be more comic and very freely adapted from the original version which starred Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

This new version will be called 'Duval And Madani' and to make it even more different from the 70s American show, their version of Captain Dobey will be a woman. So technically, it's really just a variation on the cop/buddy show. It doesn't even have to worry about claims that they are just recycling a rip-off of the original 'Starsky And Hutch'.

Unless of course there's a young Muslim pimp to replace Huggy Bear, and the cops still drive around in a four-wheeled tomato with a wrap-around white stripe.

But still, those changes are far better than just remaking it over there faithfully; that causes too many problems for Toobworld, like all those international series about Inspector Maigret. This will be more in keeping with the extreme makeover German TV did with their version of 'The West Wing'.

I wish them luck with it, and I hope that if it's successful enough, there might be a way someday for us to see it over here; help expand the idea that Toobworld is truly global.

As for it being no more than a copy of an American "original", we've got no reason to turn our noses up in the air at the idea. Not when we have Britcom remakes like 'All In The Family', and 'Sanford & Son'. (And that's not even counting all the remakes of British shows like 'Touching Evil', 'Cracker', 'Reggie', and 'Amanda's' lying by the wayside.)



Anonymous said...

Hi. Don't forget the total mess that was the U.S. (with one of the original British creators, no less, difficult to understand, isn'it!?) remake of the brilliant and hilarious British "Coupling" series.
Take care,
Dave and Colette

Toby O'B said...

Good call!

Which made me think of one that I can't believe never occurred to me this morning when I wrote it up:

"The Office"!