Tuesday, December 6, 2005


When people think of Television during the holidays, they'll usually turn to the classics.

So as we head into the holiday season and leave behind the last week of Sweeps for November, the crossover turned to a show that is already considered a classic even though it only left the airwaves back in May.


Ray Barone hasn't been out of the public eye more than seven months, and already he's back. Not that I needed the proof, but it was a good example that a character's life continues even though his show has ended.

It never came up, but Ray is probably still a sportswriter. His wife and the kids had gone up to Connecticut for the weekend, so he was staying with his parents. (The big baby!)

Meanwhile, Carrie Heffernan decided to accompany her father on his annual pilgrimage to her mother's grave in New Jersey, so Doug was on his own for the weekend as well.

Doug and Ray ran into each other in the supermarket and decided to sow their oats as "wild bulls"... only to find out their Pamplona days were behind them.

Yes, it's simple. They don't ALL have to be back-breaking, championship limbo contests of pretzel-twisting logic.

Doug and Ray, Ray and Doug.... Bot of them need to be paired with a Bob!


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