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Except for the two TV movies bracketing this list, Gene Greytak portrayed Pope John Paul II in all of these TV shows. Perhaps there were other actors who played him in a fictional setting; maybe there are TV shows in which he played a part but was not seen in doing so. If so, I'm hoping someone out there reading this might let me know about these additions to his onscreen "presence"......

Bio-drama tracing the life and career of Polish cardinal Karol Wojtyla from his days as a young activist in Poland, witnessing the havoc and intense nationalism wreaked on humanity in World War II, to his rise and installation in 1978 as Pope of the Catholic world.

The highly-acclaimed English actor Albert Finney stars as the Pope in this film that begins in his youth, and covers his love for the theater, devotion to his father, Poland's sufferings during World War II and after, his ordination, rise to the episcopacy and great influence on the Polish church, and climaxing with his surprising election as Pope. An excellent film on this great spiritual leader.

Starring Albert Finney as Pope John Paul II and Michael Crompton as the young Karol Wojtyla.

95. Another Day in the Life
gs: Pat Corley (Otis Edwards) Brian Stokes Mitchell (Morley) Hennen Chambers (Mr. Sanders) Marcia Wallace (Miss Phillips) Boyd Bodwell (Roper) Dennis A. Pratt (Murdock) Sandy Martin (Sister Mo) Cathy Cahn (Sister Laurie) Marji Martin (Sister Carla) Gary Grossman (Shouting Man) Lou Hancock (Mrs. Klemper) Karl Johnson (Dave Costanza) Molly David (Martha) Lenore Woodward (Velma) David Garlile (Harris) Ron Boussom (Mr. DeYoung) Steve Devorkin (Mr. Shafer) Eugene Greytak (The Pope) Steven R. Bannister (Reilly) Gayle Woods (Hooker) Larry Wright (Quartet) Peter Neushul (Quartet) Doug Anderson (Quartet) James Kline (Quartet) Steffanie Siebrand (Cheerleader)

Panic grips the courtroom as the gang races to clear 207 cases in one session so a millionaire will donate money to save an orphanage and so Dan can win an office pool for the most convictions.

b: 18-Feb-1988 pc: 186217 w: Larry Strawther and Gary Murphy d: Jeff Melman

24. Rock-n-roll Fantasy
gs: Evan Arnold (Gavin "Jacques" Doosler) Johnny Dark (Danny/Dani/Larry) Rich Reinhart (Writer) Kevin Thompson (Toulouse) Michael Gilbert Lewis (Priest) Eugene Greytak (Pope) Holly Haber (Doctor) Lawrence H. Toffler (Bridegroom)

After 8 weeks of performing at Danny's, the Lubbock Babes each fantasize about being rich and famous. Marie dreams of singing for the Pope; Wendy dreams of working on a sitcom; Cindy dreams of finding the man of her dreams; and Connie dreams of singing in Paris.

b: 27-Apr-1989 pc: 186550 w: Dan Guntzelman , Mike Sullivan

"The Pope's Ring"
gs: Steven Gilborn [ Priest ], Fred McCarren [ Detective ], Gene Greytak [ The Pope ] rc: Miles

Sophia is off to see the Pope's Mass and has exchanged two bad tickets for one good ticket "way up front." Dorothy was looking forward to seeing the Pope, but Sophia explains that she had to trade in Dorothy's ticket to get close enough to the Pontiff to request a special blessing for her friend Agnes in the hospital.

After the Mass, Sophia tells the girls how she snuck into the "crippled and lame" section to "cop a blessing," and just as she bent down to kiss the Pope's ring, security whisked him away, leaving the jewel encrusted ring in Sophia's hand! Dorothy demands that the ring be returned immediately, but Sophia feels that "this is a sign" and is "supposed to make a miracle."

She eventually gives in and agrees to give it back. There's only one problem. Sophia lost the ring!

Dorothy helps Sophia retrace her steps, and figures out the ring isn't lost. Sophia had the ring in her possession the whole time and was using it as leverage to get the Pope to pick up the ring in person. But when one of the Pontiff's priestly entourage picks up the ring in proxy, Sophia's plans to get him to personally bless Agnes is extinguished.

At the hospital, Rose finds out that Miles is having cosmetic surgery for his eyes. He's tired of looking old while working in a youthful environment. Rose is relieved that it's nothing serious, and knowing this means a lot to Miles, supports him.

After visiting Agnes, Sophia stops by Miles' room to use his bathroom. Unfortunately, she misses the Pope walking down the hospital corridor blessing patients. Sophia's miracle came true!

b: 14 Dec 91 pc: 167 w: Kevin Abbott d: Lex Passaris

119. The World According to Avery
gs: John Hostetter (John) Gene Graytak (Pope John Paul II) Jane Leeves (Audrey Cohen) Brenda Lilly (Didi)

When Eldin becomes sick, Murphy brings Avery to work. While Murphy is out searching for an interview for that night's show, everyone takes turns baby-sitting and sharing their most personal feelings with him.

b: 15-Feb-1993 pc: 187418 w: Lee Aronsohn d: Lee Shallat-Chemel

75. Witness for the Prosecution
gs: Cully Fredericksen (Special Agent Johnston) Robert Foxworth (Attorney General Lane) Eugene Greytak (Pope John Paul II) Geoffrey Nauffts (Ben Speers) Lisa Chess (Rebecca) Madison Mason (Bishop Cole) Karen Landry (Gloria Borth) Cully Fredricksen (Special Agent Johnston) Mary-Pat Green (Forewoman) Mel Hampton (Bailiff) Harry Smith (Himself)

Rome is in a flutter when Mayor Bey announces that the Pope himself is coming to visit the town. It's a day of celebration as His Holiness arrives, but the walk down main street ends in chaos when someone in the crowd opens fire, killing a man. The resulting investigation reveals the death was suicide, according to the dead man's gay lover... until the Pope announces he saw the whole thing and that it was, in fact, murder. The court case that follows threatens to end Judge Bone and Wambaugh's tempestuous friendship for good.

b: 15-Dec-1995 pc: 3K09 w: David E. Kelley d: Dennie Gordon

"Recipe for Success"
gs: Joel Brooks [ Archibald Frost ], Eugene Greytak [ Pope ], Brett Miller [ Guard ]
Shawn and Marlon try to warn an enthusiastic Pops that the chili he is entering in a high-class food festival has one "un-gourmet" ingredient -- dog food.

b: 15 May 98 pc: 466421 w: Maiya Williams d: Fred Parker

Late last year, Italian producers made a television film about the life of Pope John Paul II in southern Poland, where the pontiff grew up and began his church career.

The film crew shot scenes of a young and athletic Karol Wojtyla kayaking in Lake Dobczyce near Krakow, where he served as bishop from the 1950s, said Marcin Marcinkiewicz, a spokesman for the producers.

"Karol, the story of a man who became pope" is to be broadcast in two 90-minute segments on Italian television sometime this spring.

The film is adapted from a historical account by Italian writer Gian Franco Svidercoschi, with the first part set during World War II and the second in postwar Poland. While most of the movie was filmed in Poland, some scenes were shot at the Vatican.

It will be about another fifteen to twenty days from now before the Conclave of Cardinals is sequestered to choose a new spiritual leader for the 1.1 billion Catholics around the world. But I'm sure the politicking for the position began years ago.

Whoever is chosen to lead the Flock, only (prime) Time will tell if he has as much presence in the TV Universe as did Pope John Paul II......


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If you're going to use that episode of "Just The Ten Of Us" in which the Pope appears only in a dream sequence, then you oughtta use the two-part "ALF" episode in which he dreamed about hosting the "Tonight" show.

The Pope shows up in that dream as one of ALF's guests on the couch. I think there's even a website out there that's got a picture of the two of them together....