Tuesday, February 22, 2005


As a promotional stunt to ensnare more viewers to their entire week's schedule during February sweeps, CBS repeated a stunt from last year. Their 'Early Show' weatherman, Dave Price, popped up in a different show on each of the five weeknights.

The point was to find all of his appearances and hopefully win a prize.

I'm to cynical, callow, and okay, lazy to put in that kind of effort. But I did see him in one of the CBS shows only because I'm a big Danica McKellar fan and she was the guest star that night.

Price showed up in a quick exchange with one of the Navy forensic investigators in an elevator. They were discussing the scientific merits of the groundhog seeing its shadow, but Dave couldn't get the guy to accept the common wisdom. (And don't expect me to repeat it - I can't remember if it's six more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow or not.)

As his character wasn't identified by name, and since it was a weather-related cameo, I've got no problem with considering his appearance to be as himself. Perhaps "Dave Price" was in that high-level Naval office building in order to do prep work for an upcoming report on 'The Early Show'.

I'd be curious where he showed up on the other nights, and whether or not he could have been appearing as himself.

Let me know!


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